Book / Our Feardom of Expression and Internalization of Censorship


This book has been published on the occasion of the exhibition “MOT Annual 2016: Loose Lips Save Ships” at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and has been edited collaboratively by ARTISTS’ GUILD and Arts Commons Tokyo. Its content is original, comprising mainly interviews between members of ARTISTS’ GUILD and experts in various field other than contemporary art about self-censorship. We hope that this publication will reach many readers as another project that developed out of the “Loose Lips Save Ships” exhibition.

Tami Yanagisawa(philosopher, Christian studies researcher + Koki Tanaka(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
Yoshihisa Otani(owner of contemporary art gallery Kanransha) + Hikaru Fujii(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
Hirofumi Hijikata + Meiro Koizumi(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
Akira Takayama(theater director) + Michiko Tsuda(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
Keisuke Oka(architect) + Yasuto Masumoto(ARTISTS’ GUILD)

Book Direction Team : ARTISTS’ GUILD and Arts Commons Tokyo
Edit : Koki Tanaka(ARTISTS’ GUILD) + Yuki Kagetama(Arts Commons Tokyo)
English writing : Art Translators Collective(Nobuko Aiso, Kione Kochi, Yasumasa Kawata, Kanoko Tamura) and Yuki Okumura(ARTISTS’ GUILD)
Art Direction and Design : Kentaro Nakamura
Publish : torch press
Language : Japanese/English
Price : 1,800yen + tax
ISBN978-4-907562-05-2 C0070

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