Artists’ Guild is a social experiment launched by artists that explores new possibilities of art support.

At the core of its operation, AG manages a video equipment sharing system. Our aim is to reduce financial costs of the practical stages of artistic practice, namely art production and exhibitions; generate jobs; and facilitate active art production through an experimental support system specifically for art making.

Since the establishment of AG Productions LLC in 2013, AG has been involved in artistic practice as a corporate organization, a different approach to that of artists working individually.

We believe that employing a corporate approach which places emphasis on keeping track of revenue/expenses and fulfilling social responsibility, in addition to the existing artistic approach, will enable AG to realize its principles through a more multifaceted and broader way.

Artists’ Guild History

  • April 2009Artists’ Guild is established.
  • April 2009Selected for the Arts Commission Yokohama (ACY) Fiscal Year 2009 Artist Support Program Grant.
  • March 2010Equipment rental system is launched.
  • May 2010Selected for the Arts Commission Yokohama (ACY) Fiscal Year 2010 Artist Support Program Grant.
  • March 2011Selected for the Asahi Group Arts Foundation Fiscal Year 2011 Arts Organization Grant Program.
  • April 2011Artists’ Guild official website is launched.
  • April 2013AG Productions LLC is established.
  • February 2015Talk Session “ARTISTS’ GUILD: Life, Living and Livelihood of the Artist” is held as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 20th Anniversary Program.
  • May 2015Selected for the Fiscal Year 2015 Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program.
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